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Learn how to create designs that elevate your floral designs.


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  • Access to portal with links for my public and private projects
  • New recorded tutorial every week
  • Weekly live designing
  • Weekly post to ask and get answers
  • Clickable, detailed supply lists for all projects
  • Video step-by-step process
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Member only discounts for shopping
  • Free access to all of my workshops and challenges
  • Locked in membership price


  • Learn new layouts and techniques
  • Know the latest emerging trends
  • Private, supportive, drama free group
  • Gain support from fellow members
  • Elevate your floral designs
  • Learning from my fails and wins with over 25 years experience
  • First access to all of my supplies
  • Behind the scenes info and access
  • Always improving school and designs
  • Quarterly contests with prizes
  • Proven to deliver results!

Joining Design School is one of the best things I’ve ever done to improve my design skills! Kelea’s teaching style is second to none. She breaks design down so that it’s easy to understand the concept of layering design elements and how it will affect the finished design. Wreaths, centerpieces, door hangers and BOWS – top notch instructions for “all the things”. You’ll learn the difference that using quality products makes in your design. And as a bonus, Kelea offers discounts to Design School students for purchasing products. LOVE LOVE LOVE Linda J


I’m Kelea, and I’m excited you are here!

I am the instructor behind the designs and tutorials you’ll find here at Kelea’s Design School. I love to bring new designs to life and find new techniques to use. I bring all that I find and create exclusive to the design school.

From shopping around local stores and industry shows for materials to incorporate into new designs to helping you grow your own personal style, my focus is to provide as much value as I can to my amazing community.

Every week I am live in our community sharing all the tricks, tips, and wreath community news. Come along and join us.


Check out our members’ fine work.

We love to promote and give to our great community members, the Bloomarinos! When you join as a member, you’ll have access to a community of like-minded wreath makers and business owners.

I started with some knowledge of making wreaths and arrangements, but being in Design School has taken my work to the next level, allowing me to increase prices and have a broader offering of designs.Step by step instructions on placement with an explanation of why. Has all the supplies available for each tutorial, but also tells you how to use supplies you may have on hand. Many insider tips and tricks to start you out ahead of the game. You won’t be disappointed, best money I have ever spent hands down. Buffy M


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Every week, learn a new technique and wreath style. Be a part of a great community of like-minded wreath makers and business owners. Best of all have fun!

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