About Kelea’s Design School

Welcome to our creative wonderland. We are grateful for you and hope you are ready to get your creative passions growing.

Keleas was founded in 1997, as a college student wanting to make extra income. She had always been inspired by her Mother Cecele and Grandmother Louise and all the flowers they grew. Soon Kelea realize she had a passion for floral d├ęcor, merchandising, holiday decorating, and floral design. It was not long until she was off every weekend doing Craft shows, and after several years, participating in some of the largest gift shows in the United States.

The support of her Honey Bunny was irreplaceable, because he made sure to encourage all her endeavors with a high level of selflessness. When her daughter arrived, it became more difficult to be away, so she wanted to have an online presence where her customers could find her every day.

Well here we are today teaching hundreds of ladies and gentlemen how to design and create in our Design School.

Inspiring others on Facebook, YouTube, TicTok, Instagram and Pinterest with our creations and learning how to use interesting products in new and creative ways.

Thank you for being part of our family and we are grateful for you.

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