New step-by-step tutorials every week!

Our members receive a new tutorial every week. When you sign up with a membership, you’ll have instant access to the newest 24 tutorials. After six months, our whole catalog of tutorials will be at your fingertips.

Our tutorials are available for individual purchase.

Each tutorial has step-by-step on-demand videos show you how to recreate a floral design or a new technique. All supplies used in the videos are available for purchase to recreate the actual design in the tutorial. For our members, we give first access to the supplies with a discount!

You can’t go wrong by deciding to join Kelea’s Design School, regardless of you current skills level. Kelea’s teaching methods, designs, and classes promote growth on so many levels and are delivered in a way that will enhance your skills, boost your confidence and grow your business. In addition to Kelea being a fabulous designer and teacher, she has fostered an environment that is more like a family than school. Design School members are also supportive and helpful and always encouraging each other – not competing to see who is better! Joy R


All Access Membership

Every week, learn a new technique and wreath style. Be a part of a great community of like-minded wreath makers and business owners. Best of all have fun!

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